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Merchant Network 2006-2010

Hothand Provides Targeted Advertising!
Hothand's Mobile Advertising Platform is Here Today

Consumers get info & deals on what they want NOW!

  • Cell phones are always “on” and in hand
  • Can opt-in for text message updates
  • Consumers access information on their phones when the buying decision is being made

Hothand has developed an innovative platform that allows:

  • Advertisers to reach the university/collegiate audience
  • Brands to extend programs to a mobile environment
  • Consumers to find products and information with a few easy clicks

Hothand enabling mobile commerce today…

• With its proprietary menu-driven mobile platform that allows consumers to quickly find what they need
• With a proven business model that provides merchants with the ability to reach targeted consumers on the go, anywhere, at anytime
• By providing merchants with a vehicle to deliver personalized, timely information and deals to consumers on their mobile phones
• By tapping into important affinity groups and decision-makers, such as the collegiate audience

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Merchants Control the Content
•  Real time updates – 24/7
•  Simple Web interface
•  Secure access
•  No need to develop mobile Web site or content